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Birth Trauma Resolution

What is birth trauma?

Birth trauma can happen to anyone who has had a deeply distressing or disturbing experience during pregnancy, birth or the postnatal period. 


Birth trauma can take many forms but includes:


  • Feelings of stress and anxiety when recalling memories of a pregnancy, birth or postnatal situation/experience

  • Intrusive and upsetting dreams 

  • Fear of future pregnancy, birth, postnatal issues

  • Flashbacks

  • Difficulty in recalling certain aspects of the experience

  • Avoidance of places and people that remind you of what happened

  • Inability to talk about your experience without getting anxious and upset

  • Constantly feeling jumpy or anxious, irritable or angry

Birth Trauma Resolution (BTR) Treatment


I am a Registered Midwife and Birth Trauma Resolution Practitioner and am passionate about helping families experience the very best start following birth. Unresolved trauma can affect your relationships, your everyday life, and can influence decisions around future pregnancies, future types of birth or baby feeding decisions


This treatment offers fast and effective relief of the symptoms of trauma in as little as one to two sessions. It is based on a sound understanding of how trauma affects the brain and how nature attempts to correct the imbalance. The technique used supports nature’s own natural trauma processing system.


I will listen to your experience in a non judgemental way and then guide you through breathing techniques and relaxation into the treatment. The aim is to unhook or dissolve the negative emotions attached to your experience so that it becomes a normal memory. This treatment aims to help you rebuild your confidence and move forward in a positive way. Testimonials can be read here.


BTR training is accredited by the Royal College of Midwives (RCM).


The treatment takes approximately 1 hour 30 minutes. One  treatment is often all that is needed. Please contact me for current prices

Contact Me


phone: 07887526579

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